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How do I create more of me? It’s not easy, and how you expand your business, can affect your profitability, as well as how quickly you can scale.  Expanding at a steady and manageably pace, while standardizing all operations and procedures, can help establish your brand successfully without spreading you (or your franchisees) too thin and getting yourself ready for expansion and possible franchising.

Are you ready to expand?  Do you have a solid proof of concept?  What controls do you need in order to ensure you or your franchisees are properly carrying out your vision?  Are you providing all of the products for multiple locations, or is each location purchase them on their own?   Will your locations all have the tools they need to replication your flagship venue, and carry everything out on the same level as you have in the past? Do you have all standard operating procedures in place? How easy can your concept be replicated?


Things To Consider

It’s no secret that scaling your business can lead to greater profits.  How you get there is the key to your success, and it is important to think through the overall setup of the business model now, so you are not giving up too much down the line.  You need to protect yourself, you need to protect the brand, and you need to make money.  We have the experience and background to help you think through the issues, so you can make the best decisions to expand your business.


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