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Are you prepared to hire your opening staff, and get them trained for all of their positions?  Getting the right staff in place is not only a fundamental element of your operations, but also, will set the tone for the culture you are trying to build amongst the staff themselves.  Knowing what positions you need to fill, and filling them, is part of the process.  Building a cohesive team – which starts through the training program – is just as important in order to create a culture of amongst the staff who can work together to maintain your core values

How any staff members do you need?  Are you accounting for loss of staff for those who cannot do their jobs, or are not the right fit?  How much training will you need to do? What is your training process? Have you properly budgeted for the training process and initial opening with extra staff members? Do you know enough about each position you are hiring for, in order to hire the right team members?  When is the right time to start the hiring process? 


Things To Consider

With experience in every position related to the industry, we are able to filter through applicants to choose those team members that are best suited for your business.  We are also able to provide hands-on training for every position, and ensure that your staff is ready to succeed upon opening.  We are also able to re-motivate staff and re-train them on your existing protocols, standard operating procedures, hospitality, and service, so as to improve your business practices for a better guest experience.


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