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How are you protecting your business from the landlord?  Most owners do not realize that the lease is a negotiable contract, and the terms you agree to can have significant legal consequences.  You have the right to negotiate, and should be negotiating the terms most important to your business and concept, to ensure its long-term success.

Can you change your concept without the landlord’s permission?  Can you sell your business without the landlord blocking the sale or cancelling your lease?  What happens in the event of a catastrophe?


Things To Consider

Not all landlord are created equal.  Some are friendly “mom and pop” owners who will work with you, and some are institutions who consider you a number in the system.  Taking the time to negotiate major lease terms can save you a lot of headache down the line, and protect you against the landlord’s interference with what you might have thought was a “given”.  We can help you navigate through these waters, and help you evaluate the importance of the legal mumbo jumbo, so you can decide the best way to be protected.


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