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Training staff and owners can be quite extensive and overwhelming, and this element seems to be lacking in many businesses.  The hospitality industry is one of the only industries where people take unnecessary risks because of their fascination with the food and beverage business, but without having actual knowledge of how it works, or making sure that their staff understands the theme and concept of the venue.  We custom tailor our training programs to meet your needs, and inspire your staff. Whether you or your staff need a refresher on what’s new, or a comprehensive training, we have the ability to package the information into a cohesive and efficient process which you and your staff can learn the most from.  Our interactive approach allows you and your staff to learn what it takes, and help everyone become confident in their work. 


Things To Consider

How well does you staff know the menu?  Can your staff tell guests about your venue? Do you know what your food, beverage, and labor costs should be?  Do you know how much of your revenue should be allocated towards rent, ongoing training, research and development, and reserves?  Do you understand the difference between service and hospitality?  Have you had any hospitality related positions in the past?  Do you want to own a place because you love hospitality, because you think being an owner is “cool”, or to get rich?  Do you and your staff know how long ticket times should be on each item on the menu (both food, and beverage)?

Is your staff capable of running your business with the vision you have in mind?  Do you have the skills and tools to run your business?  If you think that the success of your business depends on your staff, and that it takes a lot to successfully run a hospitality business, you’re absolutely right.  Whether you are a hands-on day-to-day operator, an owner who oversees operations, or a passive investor who receives periodic reports, it is vital to know the business you are involved with, and make sure that your staff is properly trained to be the face of your business.


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